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Child Development Associate


This just in! 

We may have scholarship money available to help cover the ENTIRE costs! Call and ask about it today!

Start Date:
In Person Orientation
Feb 22 & 23 at 6:30pm
Elkhart Freshman Division (Central HS)
February 28, 2022

Class Fee:


To be paid at registration.


To be paid at the time of the exam.

Orientation will be held in person on January 24,25 and 26 from 6:30pm-9:00pm at Elkhart Freshman Division (Formerly Central High School).  The address is 1 Blazer Blvd. Elkhart, Indiana.

Classes will then meet virtually on Mondays.

CDA Class Information

         The Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential is the most widely recognized credential in early childhood education within the U.S. To earn a CDA, applicants must demonstrate their competency in areas which support the healthy growth and development of children, both in center-based care, and in home visiting programs.


The CDA credential involves two main areas: the application, and the observation and testing process.

         The credential focuses on six Competency Standards and thirteen Functional Areas. With the application, candidates submit documentation of 120 hours of formal Early childhood education training in the appropriate age group, 480 hours of professional experience in the appropriate age group, a formal observation by a trained professional, computer-based CDA examination, and a statement of ethical conduct. Training can be completed through various methods and Elkhart Community Schools Community Education is proud to be one of those opportunities for anyone looking to start a career in Early Childhood Education. 

CDA Exam Information: 

         While the exam fee is not covered by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) money covering the class, there is an opportunity to apply for a TEACH scholarship that would pay the exam fee.  Students will apply for the scholarship on the first night of class. 

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