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Continuing Education
2022. Classes Currently Offered: 

Community Education Class Policies:

If you are interested in taking classes through our program, there are a number of policies you will need be prepared to follow to participate in our classes.


Attendance: Attendance is MANDATORY. As classes are typically only meet around 14 times, even one absence can result in significant skill gaps. If you must be absent you will need to communicate that with your instructor. Habitual absences will be noted and communicated with the administrative team and the student may be removed from class. Some classes absences will render the student unable to take certification exams. 

Communication with Instructor: Please let your instructor know if you are struggling with your studies or have issues hindering your class attendance. The instructors are here to support you!

Class Arrival/Departure: Students are expected to arrive to class on time and remain until the end of class or dismissed by the instructor.

Dress Code: Students are to dress appropriately for a work setting when coming to class. (Sagging pants, pajamas, slippers, hats, hoods, low cut or midriff showing tops etc. are all inappropriate for class.) **Certain classes have different dress codes based on the needs of the class. Please be sure to look at the class information closely to see if certain items are required.

Cell Phone Usage: Students are to turn off or silence their cell phones during class time. If there is an emergency call, please communicate the situation with your instructor and step outside of the classroom.

                        Ready to register? Call 574-262-5678

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