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HSE Readiness Test

For those individuals who may not feel quite ready to take the full exam, and/or would like to take a practice test to see how well they would do on the full exam, ECS' Adult Education department offers the HSE Readiness Test. 
Individuals under the age of 18 are REQUIRED to take the readiness exam before they will be allowed to register for the full exam. Please see the special requirements under the registration section for more specific information for those underage.   

Determining if the Readiness Exam is the right choice:

There are many reasons an individual might decide to take the readiness test first. Here are just a few examples: 
1. The individual is under 18 and has not taken HSE classes through any organization. 
2. The individual completed the majority of their high school career, recently, and would like to see the likelihood of passing the exam at a fraction of the cost. 
3. The individual has been studying, independently, for the exam and would like to see the likelihood of passing the exam at a fraction of the cost. 
4. The individual feels pretty confident in their ability to pass the test but would prefer to take the practice test, at a fraction of the cost, to make sure before spending the money on the full exam.

Readiness test the right option? Here's how to get started:


To register, the individual looking to take the test must come to our office in person with a valid photo ID. We are located in the main office of the Engineering, Technology, and Innovation Building at 1 Blazer Blvd, Door 27. in Elkhart, IN. You will need to fill out some paperwork to complete the registration. At the time of registration, you will choose your testing dates. 

Individuals under 18 looking to register for the readiness test must have exit paperwork from their high school or record when coming to register.

Taking the Test:

The test is given over two evenings, usually a Tuesday and Wednesday of a testing week. To see specific dates visit our "Important Dates" tab. Testing begins at 5:30 pm and is scheduled to last until 8:30 pm. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to testing. No one will be permitted to enter late. Also, plan to stay for the entire testing window. 


Scores can be found...
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