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Classes starting soon! AutoCAD 2-D - 9/13/21
AutoCAD 3-D Modeling -
AutoCAD ADV Mod - 10/12/21

Class Fee:

AutoCAD 2-D - $325
AutoCAD 3-D - $120

Classes Meet:  AutoCAD 2-D Mon & Thurs
AutoCAD 3-D Modeling  - Wednesdays
AutoCAD 3-D Adv Modeling - Tuesdays
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
ETI Building 

2510 California Rd. 

Elkhart, IN 46514

Class Information

AutoCAD 2-D Intoduction - 

Students are guided through instructor led hands-on training for mechanical, architectural and electronics industries. Skills learned include: creating and locating geometry; working with coordinate systems; using object snaps; editing and dimensioning drawings; creating layers, line-types, and block

libraries; and file management. Upon completion the students will be prepared for the 3-D AutoCAD Modeling Class. 


AutoCAD 3-D Modeling -

Applying 2-D skills learned from the introduction class, students design and edit 3-D solid, wireframe, and surface models. Skills acquired include: creating primitives and composites; locating 3-D coordinates and managing User Coordinate Systems; modeling extrusions and revolutions; building and editing solid model features; and viewing, shading, and displaying 3-D models. Prerequisite: AutoCAD 2-D or equivalent work experience.

Advanced AutoCAD 3-D Modeling - 

A continuation of 3-D modeling, students learn to further gain modeling experience by: editing models and building assemblies; creating mesh and surface models; editing edges, faces, and vertices; extracting surfaces and edges; converting solids to surfaces and surfaces to solids; and introduction to presentation, visual style settings, rendering and lighting options. Prerequisite: AutoCAD 3-D Modeling or

equivalent work experience.

Instructor: Tim Dolan

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