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Medical Interpretation 

Orientation Dates:
August 9, 10, 11

Class Starts: 
March 9, 2022
Class Ends :
May 18, 2022

Orientation Time:
6:00 - 8:00pm

Class Fee:

Course $1400.00
Exam $500

This class will be virtual. 

The orientation will be held at the ETI building, from 6-9pm, located at:

2510 California Rd.

Elkhart, IN 46516

Class Information

      The best thing for any doctor is to ensure that patients understand their questions; so that the best treatment is applied.

      For helping patients with limited English ability, having medical interpreters on call is crucial.   Medical interpreting has a specific set of concerns: what if someone’s health—or even life—is at immediate risk? As with any aspect of the medical field, the last thing anyone wants is a measure of uncertainty. For these reasons, certified medical interpreters are always preferable to an untrained person who happens to speak the needed language. (The latter is a common situation: a child or other relative with some English is enlisted to serve as go-between.)

       Medical Interpreters are familiar not only with terminology, but also how to handle everything from doctor–patient confidentiality to family interactions. Even healthcare professionals who do possess language skills often cannot simplify concepts for laypeople across language boundaries as effectively. And beyond conveying information and putting patients in a stressful situation at ease, there are legal and ethical implications.  For this reason, we are offering an opportunity for dual language adults to take our Medical Interpreting course offered through MCA (Medical Interpreters Course) here at the Elkhart Community Schools Community Education Program. 


*Fluent in Spanish- fluency exam must be completed BEFORE orientation.
*Working computer and RELIABLE internet.
*Signed letter of Commitment to complete the course - will happen at orientation. If you do not complete the course, you will be billed for half of the course fee.

To register for this class:

1. Download the two files located to the right. The top, outlines the steps you will need to follow in order to be accepted into this course. the bottom, is an application. 

2. Print the application, fill it out, scan and send it to

3. Click the "Register Now!" button below and fill out the Community Education registration form as well. Your registration will automatically be recorded. Someone will reach out to you to confirm it has been received. 

Intro letter with Application Steps

Class Application

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